13 step checklist to start a successful blog by Adesigntech

13 step checklist to start a successful blog by Adesigntech


1. Choose your niche (if you haven't already)


- Is there enough search demand?

- Are there real problems to solve?

- How can you monetise in this niche?

- How competitive is the niche?

- Overall, could this niche be profitable?


2. Buy your brandable domain


Cost = £11.99 for 1 year (GoDaddy)


3. Design your brand


- Logo (Canva or Fiverr)

- Colour scheme (Coolers)

- Fonts (Google Fonts > Pick two)


4. Set up fast website hosting


Cost = £8 per month (Cloudways with DigitalOcean)


5. Set up WordPress


- Install GeneratePress theme (free)

- Install GP Premium (paid)

- Install GenerateBlocks (freemium)

- Install Rank Math (SEO plugin)

- Install ShortPixel Image Optimizer

- Install Resize Image After Upload

- Install LiteSpeed Cache (or similar)

- Install Wordfence Security


Cost = £50 per year


6. Optimise WordPress


- Set up "Post name" permalinks

- Set up sitemap with Rank Math

- Disable blog comments

- Other settings like caching


7. Build your website


- Choose a GeneratePress template

- Set up your brand colours

- Set up your brand fonts

- Add your logo


And anything else. Ensure the website is lightweight, user-friendly and fast with minimal plugins and bloat.


8. Set up Google tools for website analytics


- Google Analytics

- Google Search Console


9. Complete niche keyword research


- Research the Total Addressable Search Market

- Highlight commercial intent keywords


This can be done to a high standard with Ahrefs and Keyword Cupid with 1 month subscriptions.


Cost = from £200 (for all your keyword research)

Cheaper alternative = Keyword Chef (from £17 - £85)


10. Build topic clusters and your website's architecture


Group topics into logical clusters and map out the internal linking between those future pages.


11. Create your prioritised content plan and start publishing SEO-focused content as quickly as possible


Build systems to speed up the process:


- Create templates

- Outsource writing

- Use AI tools to help

- Hire a VA to publish


12. Create your off-blog strategy


Build your brand on one or two other channels where your audience hangs out the most (SparkToro can help).




- Distribute to Twitter

- Distribute to LinkedIn

- Distribute to Pinterest

- Create YouTube videos

- Create or guest on podcasts

- Write guest posts on other blogs


Non-negotiable: Build your email list from day one.


13. Monetise the blog




- Ads

- Affiliates

- Sponsorships

- Digital products

- Physical products

- Referral partnerships

- Consultations

- Services

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