Top 11 Tools use for SEO by adesigntech

Top 11 Tools use for SEO by adesigntech

1. Google Apps Script - Extreme automation of SEO tasks, drastically reducing the time needed for most common and tedious deliverables.

2. Search Console - In combination with Apps Scripts and/or Analytics for Sheets, still probably the most reliable FREE tool to leverage site data directly from Google.

3. ScreamingFrog - Powerful API's and crawling configuration: the best £149 you'll ever spend on crawling tools on any given year.

5. BigML - Use code-free machine learning to scale & predict all sorts of SEO tasks without knowing any coding language 🐍

6. Google Tag Manager - Fundamental for enhanced tracking (i.e. is a blog page driving an actual sale, or just a session?).

7. SEO Minion - incredible FREE extension to scrape PAA, FAQ's, local listings & much more data to get hundreds of content ideas.

8. Keywords Everywhere - Powerful extension to quickly obtain a variety of keyword data. They also provide a cheap API you can leverage to build your own tools if you're into developing stuff.

9. Builtwith - Extension to immediately assess a website's CMS, hosting provider & a variety of other things.

10. Quick JavaScript Switcher - I use this extension to quickly disable JS on a page when testing for technical issues.

11. Google Trends - used in combination with keyword seasonality data, can provide additional data points & insights on what content to post and when. G-Trends also comes with an API that can help automating some of the process.

12. Ahrefs/SEMrush - I don't prefer one above the other, but definitely use both quite a lot for backlink analysis & assessing competitors.

BONUS TOOL - The actual SERPs: people often ignore this one, but simply Googling a keyword will give us a wealth of data on search intent, the type of sites that are ranking at the top, their strengths and weaknesses. (The first bit of my audits often involves including few slides about these manual SERP checks).

What are your favourite SEO tools?