Avoid these 7 mistakes and your channel will definitely grow

Avoid these 7 mistakes and your channel will definitely grow
1. No Profile Pic & Banner

Your channel is the showroom of your brand Profile pic and banner help you send the right message across Put a bold banner and a clear bright picture of yourself or your brand. It will help your viewers identify you and help build a connection

2. Not Picking a NicheIf you talk about tech one day and sports the next day, you're confusing the viewers and the algorithm. Test your interests with different topics but you will need to fix a niche Overall, pick a niche that's broad enough for your to experiment

3. Non-Searchable Content

Most of your views come from YT search or suggested videos. You need to make sure that people can either search for it or click on it if it's suggested to them. The titles that do well in search may not work in suggested videos. Make a conscious choice

4. No Research

Before you hit the record button, you should know:

• If people are watching similar content

• Who is that one person you're creating for

• What have other creators talked about

These questions will help you stand out among 100s of other channels

5. No Schedule

The YouTube algorithm needs volume to find an audience for you. Big channels can grow even without a schedule. But for small creators, it helps It doesn't mean that you should put videos each day1-2 videos per week at a decent time will help you

6. Ignoring Thumbnail and Title

Good thumbnail and title are required to get people to click on your video. Put effort to learn what makes a good thumbnail and title. These two will help you a lot in growing your channel.

7. Not putting effort into the script

You can make a video without writing a script. But there's a high chance that you'll go on tangents or not stick to the core points

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